Hello everyone. I'm Masahiro Yanou of KEY Team.
Technology Post No7!!「Try to React Native for Android」.

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React Native published on GitHub as open source by Facebook. This blog introduce the React Native for Android Sample.
Attention Today(2015/09/24), React Native supported only OSX.


Install JDK

Java Download Site

Install Homebrew

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Install Android SDK

$ brew install android-sdk

Add ANDROIDHOME to .bashprofile

ex) $ export ANDROID_HOME=/usr/local/opt/android-sdk

Download Android SDK

$ android

Start Emulator

$ android avd

After create, click Sart...

Install node(nodebrew)

$ curl -L git.io/nodebrew | perl - setup
$ nodebrew install-binary latest
$ nodebrew use latest

Install watchman and flow

$ brew install watchman
$ brew install flow

Quick Start

$ npm install -g react-native-cli
$ react-native init AwesomeProject
$ cd AwesomeProject/
$ react-native run-android
※In this time, run Server to load a JavaScript from device.
If don't run server, output as follows:
[warn] JS server not recognized, continuing with build...
※In this time, if device don't exist, happen error.
$ $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb shell am start -n com.raproject/.MainActivity
Starting: Intent { cmp=com.raproject/.MainActivity }

After run command, start application.

Add Button

Before this section, sample only. so, I try to add button.

$ npm install react-native-button --save

When create button, you need to another module. I was very surprised.

In this time, when click button, output current time. When output current time, I used moment.

$ npm install moment --save

HTTP Connection

One more thing.

When development android with Java, you should write http code as background.
But in this time, you don't care it. It's too easy.

I used ajax Library SuperAgent.

$ npm install superagent  --save


If you think react is very easy, you try React Native for Android .
See you next time.

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