Hi, I'm Takenaga KEY team member.

I have lived alone one and a half years. This time, I wrote about living alone.


Colleagues and friends often ask me "Do you cook for yourself?".
It is very welcome because I receive the feelings that they are worried about me.
Pepole around me know that I don't cook.


The first time I ate toast at home. I like to eat toast with cheese.
These days I buy breakfast at a convenience store and eat at office.
I want to sleep until the last minute because I hate mornings :-}.


Lunch is eating out because I don't cook.
I go to lunch with project members. It is a fun time to be able various talk with members.


Pepole around me cares about dinner.
I cook rice, but side dishes have been bought at the supermarket. So there are many fries. I am careful.
I consider nutritional balance to buy such as cup salad.

I sometimes cook simple things on holiday. For examle, sauteed vegetables, curry and rice etc.
I will continue to take care meal in the future because I think meals are the base of health management.
The photo is for illustrative purposes only :-)


My parents often ask me about cleaning.
Every weekend I want to clean room, but I can't because I have plans or I don't have motivation :-&
Once every two weeks I vacuum the floor.
I was surprised that dust accumulates many despite I don't have too long time I'm in house.
It was good to buy a vacuum cleaner first.


It is a little, but I wrote that around pepole often ask me since I started living alone.
At first it was very anxious whether I can be well. However, It's going to be okay :-D
There are a lot of pepole who have experience living alone around you.
If you have a trouble, they will help you. So don't sweat it.
Now I enjoy the freedom of living alone.
I want to spend fun in the future.