I'm Susumu Arai KEY Team.
This time, I will introduce the company's environment.
The concept is "at home".

atWare, Inc. is located in the Minato Mirai, the nearest station is Minato Mirai Station.
Go out "No.4 Exit" and turn right when you see at "7-Eleven".
Take the escalator and walk rightward to take the escalator, you will arrive the 1st floor of the building.
And take the long escalator to 3rd floor,
walk rightward to take the elevator for the lower floors to 11th floor.
Then turn two left from the hall, you will see the entrance to the front.


It is arrived at the "Genkan" in 23 second.
The Genkan has a table-tennis table and an aquarium.
Please come in with your shoes on.


There are two rooms on the left side of the Genkan.
The first is a large conference room, We called the "OHIROMA".
The conference room can accommodate about 30 people.
Since the projector is attached, it can also be used for internal and external study session.


The second is mainly for the visitors room, We called the "KYAKUMA".
The meeting room can accommodate about eight people, both wall is a white board.


And then, we will introduce the interior of the office.
Office is one floor, shared space in the middle, both sides are working space.
In a shared space, there are a meeting space "Famires", a multi-purpose space " Zashiki" and a relaxation space "Daidokoro".

We are able to drink all drinks such as coffee and water for free.
There is a blackboard.


We were not able to introduce all in this time, so we will introduce in the next opportunity.