My day

The most important thing is to serve as my role on the team. Create a team atmosphere that we can remove all the obstacles and support the consensus of the team. Sometimes you can make a midnight snack in the team. As well as give advice and, if necessary, the team fills a hole to proceed smoothly.

The work would defile my hand.

Company has a harmful person

It does not have a band or a person other than social etiquette. Do not chase him the same thing. Give it a good map to help chase the man of action. 1 and 2 will listen on that 5 and 6 times. Otherwise, this was detrimental to the team who continue No competent people to leave good people coming into the team.

People are not perfect.


If you want to achieve their professional duties at work, you must set the priorities. Mentors also receive comprehensive idea. However, it has the right to determine how to achieve their goals.

With strict with myself.