Hi, everyone! Thanks for reading my post. I am Kaoru Matsuoka and I work for atWare as a developer.I am a member of KEY TEAM in atWare.

I am not that a good writer so I just want to simply introduce atWare's girls today.

There are 6 girls at atWare includ me. I'd like to interpret them one by one.

The first is H.K. さん

She is a great manager and besides, a completely tokyo citizen own a good sense of style.

The second is Y.K. さん

She belongs to Back Office at atWare. She is a working mother.
Balancing work and family life perfectly.

The Third is M.I. さん

She also works in Back Office at atWare.
She is always smiling and do many paper works for us.
In every monthly routine meeting day, She prepares lunch boxes for us.
And bellow is the pleasent moment picture I token at last week.


The fourth is S.K. さん

She is the only female leader at atWare.
With strong ability in listening, communication and organization.
Sometimes she speak with a Kansai accent.
As far as I know, her favorite food is chicken.

The last is J.I. さん

She is the youngest girl at atWare. Sometimes a kind of Shy.
As a system engineer, she has a great experience in web application development.
She is now lives in Houkaidou.

As a minority group , we always eat lunch together.
We like each other and enjoy great time together.
At the end, I want to show a picture of what we have lunch together.