Jeff here, reporting from Non Nuoc Beach.

My team, known as T3, is regionally famous for acts of strength and bravery.

This year atWare sent T3, along with the other company teams, to Vietnam for vacation. Just for fun, we took part in the atWare Scavenger Hunt competition.

It's hard to say exactly what it was that inspired us that day. Perhaps it was the warmth of the sun, or the beautiful clear waves. Or just maybe it was the incredible breakfast buffet at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Our mission in this video was simple- demonstrate, through a beachside photo, that our team is tight. Of course we breath teamwork in T3, it's part of the blood oath ritual we take when we join. But for T3, simply performing a task is never enough. We have to go higher, farther, and exceed all expectations!

Unfortunately for us, the video was lost in the ensuing melee of the Scavenger Hunt. I've only just now been able to recover it after strenuous decompilation and fuzzing routines.

Overall, T3 came in 2nd place. I have to admit, I became squeamish over some exotic foods. Like an old war wound, I suffered flashbacks of food poisoning in Bangalore. And I suspect my hesitation may have prevented us from achieving full glory.

Nonetheless, 2nd place is not bad against such stiff competition. There were some fantastic presentations by the other teams. But I believe that if we could have included this video in our post-hunt presentation, we may have come out ahead. Here then is the Non Nuoc Lost Video.