Payment/Settlement System Construction

Have you established the payment system on the internet yet?


Money handling is one of the most nerve-racking tasks in any business.
Just a single typographical error often leads to the risk of getting claims or in result of a big loss. Such job is thought to be more accurate if it could be processed by the computer without any human intervention. Automation of the clearing and settlement service connection (payment system) is therefore no doubt the most desirable business in nowadays. Various of settlement services and means of clearing companies, such as online credit card payment, settlement in the convenience store, bank, ATM etc., have helped standardizing the payment/settlement system we have now.

atWare, Inc. provides our know-how of payment/settlement construction to serve our client by using customer’s existing system. Our company also offers a more precise and efficient solution in resolving problems like updating billing, billing cancellation, and renewal on date of expired credit cards.

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