Interviews of our New Staff

Welcome to our new staff, Miss. Haruka Asami , who just joined our company in April, 2011.

Business Sousei Division- Relationship Creatorー Haruka Asami


Q. Please, candid opinions about atWare!

A> This question maybe sudden, but, please tell us what you think about atWare?

Asami> Everyone here is younger than I expected。

A> What do you mean by that?

Asami> I feel the energy when I am working.  Many of our company’s employees took active interests in many sorts of activities besides their jobs.  Not only young by the appearances, people are really friendly here.  This is the good impression I had for the company.

A> Very nice, anything else?


Asami> I am still under training here, there’s really not much I can talk about.  However, it seems that people are listening to my opinions whenever I had the chance to express myself.

A> This is also an interview of our senior staff- Mr. Asano. As a new comer, Miss Asami, please give us more of your straight forward opinions from now on!


Q.How do you feel so far since OJT(On Job Training)?

A> Please tell us if there is any problem since OJT ?

Asami> Ever since I join the company, during the past 3 months (April, May, June)、I have studied C language , Java language, as well as many system development knowledge. I think I am well prepared to do my job at this point、but still worry that I don’t have enough to do my job in July.


Senior staff instructing side by side

A> This is your first job experience so we expect that you may have some worries about it.  Our company will assist /guide you as much as possible during the training period and review your job results side by side with the trainer.

Asami> Yes, that would be very helpful, but, if  I  relied too much help on others, it would take longer before I can work independently.  I would like to share my responsibility as soon as possible. I’d appreciate very much for the support aside whenever I have uncertain points about my job.

A> You’ve already had your first most independent opinion。We can expect for more from you!

Asami> I’ll do my best.


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