Interviews of our Senior Staff

Mr. Asano was scouted by our company during 2009. This interview was about his thoughts before and after joining our company.


Business Sousei Division
Lead Software Engineer
Yuki Asano

Q: Please tell us a little about your previous work.

I was involved with software development related to Perl, and PHP. I worked mostly on client-based project.

Q: What was your motive for this job transition?

There were 2 main reasons:

  • 1) I wanted to work in a company that specializes in Agile Process Development. I’d like to contribute such developed software for my clients.
  • 2) I wanted to continue to live in Yokohama City.

Ideally, I want to live there and have a job that I love to do.

Q: Were there changes after this job transition?

I felt quite settled immediately after the assigned job, was able to put the Agile process development projects into practice. Things like Task Kanban or 2 weeks short-term iteration development, the working environment of my software development here is 180 degrees different from what I’ve experienced so far. There were more more new techniques enthusiasts close by to work and exchange ideas with. I was able to discuss and interact with the members conveniently around the company.

Q: Was there any thing over your expectation?

Oh yes, there was quite a lot.

First of all, I was quite surprised to learn that most of the members in this company took the company’s matter as their own business. Every action was taken in response to company’s interest.

Also, before I came to this job, I was not comfortable speaking in front of people. At atWare, it was quite often for me to practice my speech in front of my members, naturally, such fears were gradually reduced. I think public speech had become one of my strong points.

I also felt that my colleagues actively participated in all sorts of communities. That kind of attitude naturally made an influence on me. By joining such activities, I felt more information or presentations were being circulated in a broader range. More and more people with common interest increased and the job was getting more interesting everyday.

The technical skills of our staffs at atWare are definately at high level, I think partly because the pair-programming is bringing up each partner’s skill. Comparing with my previous experience on programming, its effectiveness, readability, and scalability are put together more frequently. Programming is definitely much more interesting than my last job.

Further more, we acted as a team more often with consciousness. Such as promoting Agile Process, morning meeting, things that we don’t normally do everyday were being treated as daily matters. When it was my turn to be the moderator in the morning conference, I was able to get the feeling of each teammate’s current progress and make a list of things to do at the end. The problem of a job was no longer just a personal issue. It was being rediscovered with team efforts. I realized anything big could be achieved if we put our minds together.

Q: Any word you’d like to put for our current job applicants?

There is a happy working environment here at atWare. Please come and work joyfully with us and together make dreams come true.

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