Our Smart Phone AR Case Studies

Real Time Search for Parking Space from the Parking Lot

Co-develop with Mitsui Real Estate Sales. “Mitsui no repa-ku” is an Augmented Reality real-time coin parking space search application.


This application of real-time car parking search won popularity by utilizing the technique of Augmented Reality, makes it easier for users to grasp a sense of direction with graphic images to find parking lots behind buildings in between. The information on this application is updated every 5 minutes automatically. We have received good feedbacks for using the application in a congested metropolitan area.





Route Search Function (Google Map Standard Function) is made possible in the application, as well as normal map format route directory!


Support models

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
  • Android v1.6 and thereafter

Installation instruction is in Japanese language only

  • iPhone
    • AppStoreで”Layar”を検索。”Layar Reality Browser”をインストールしてください
    • ホーム画面からLayarを起動後、”アットウェア”で検索します
    • “今から停められる駐車場検索”を選択し、起動してください
  • Android
    • AndroidMarketで”Layar”を検索。”Layar Reality Browser”をインストールしてください
    • ホーム画面からLayarを起動後、”アットウェア”で検索します
    • “今から停められる駐車場検索”を選択し、起動してください
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