Hakodate Laboratory Android Application Lineup

Introducing the Android Application Lineup from Hakodate Laboratory
Please search “hakodate Lab”” by Google Play.


Hakodate Bus Guide”, Coming Soon

“Hakodate Bus Guide” is a free Android smart-phones app designed to conveniently support the Hakodate commuters as a “Bus Stops Search”. The service also includes checking the timetables, travel conditions, etc. It helps to locate the bus stops appear on the map in the Hakodate area by simply selecting the riding point and the getting off point. The guide would inform the user the connecting bus without any trouble of remembering the name of the bus line.

Let’s all go out worry-free with the “Hakodate Bus Guide” in your pocket!

(The app will be available on the market soon, please wait)

Fun! Fun! ABC!

“Fun!Fun!ABC!” is an English learning software for little children with pictures to see and voices to listen. It’s a simple, straight forward game with many cute illustrations. Granting points of result in a ranking, kids learn to spell the words instantly while listening to the pronunciations of the vocabularies repeatedly. .
Feature with an “English Words Library”, it also allows the users to learn gradually during the game challenge.
Let’s play from a free trial version first!

My Favorite Books

“My Favorite Books” is an application that manages the collection of hand.
It can classify a book according to the author’s name or the series name, show the status of the read and unread. It also helps to grasp the user’s preference from the collections with a graphical view of the analysis.
The desired books can be purchased on the spot by integrating with the online shops, traced back from the previous purchase record to prevent any double subscription. Shall we start our reading life with “My Favorite Books”?

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