Advanced Technology Solutions

We strive to search for new technologies at all times.

We offer unique and incomparable solutions that collaborate with cutting edge technologies.

Search Solution

We help to build search system with open source search engine.

Single-Sign-On Infrastructure

Gathering up the scattered account informations from multiple applications, integrating them into a single-sign-on infrastructure..

Parallel Distributed Processing (Hadoop)

Would you like to boost up your bottle neck part of your system with Hadoop?

Distributed DB Technologies

Problem with RDB can be solved by Distributed DB Technologies.

Payment/Settlement system construction

Have you started to deploy any payment system on the internet? We can help solving Clients’ problems by using our know-how to connect system and payment services.

Legacy System Migration (Quercus – PHP in Java -)

Making PHP application into a gradually maintainable JAVA.

Mass e-mail sending technologies.

We provide mail dispatching services that are capable to help clients sending mass mails to more than 10,000,000 users.

RDB Synchronized System

We can solve the bottle-neck part of your RDB with RDB Synchronized System on the Cloud.
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