The weekend in Hakodate was blessed with pleasant climate of the early summer. One can say Hokkaido in June is the season of refreshing wind blowing through the morning and evening.

As the date switched to the beginning of June over the weekend, almost two full days I had been standing at the venue “WAKO Building”, where「The 2nd IT Exhibition of Hakodate, 2012」was held. My team and I had been preparing for this event since 2 months ago and were waiting excitingly for everyone to come visit our booth. This time, not only the number of participants surpassed the previous event by 23, many more companies were coming from Sendai, Tokyo, and Yokohama to Hakodate other than just the Hokkaido’s local firms for this fair, to unveil more IT products that enrich our lives and services.

As a matter of fact, atWare Hakodate Laboratory exhibited 3 products in this event.

For the upcoming Android Smartphones app, we presented “Hakodate Bus Guide “. It is an application long waited by the beginners of Hakodate. Basically, it’s a point to point bus stop guide which tells one to ride and get off the bus by simply selecting the riding and destination point from the bus stop on the map.

The 2nd product we presented was “Kinder Supporter”. It’s an IT service that connects the home and the kindergarten. It serves as to inform the parents directly of all the events and notification dispatched by the kindergarten through their smart-phones. Furthermore, it also functions as a real-time search app for parents to pin-point where the nursery bus’s located before arriving at their children’s pickup or drop off point. We are looking forward and welcome for all kindergartens who are interested in using this product as an experimental trial.

Last but not least, using IT technology, i.e., Augmented Reality, of making a virtual aquarium was being proposed by us. We began a brief introduction of AR by showing the movements of under water species as in a tank-like photo frame. Made several suggestions on how such virtual aquarium magic could be made possible under such technology. I could feel the transformation of myself from an IT technician to an entertainer by the surprise reaction of people who were exposed to this technology at that time.

That night after the opening day of the event, about 70 people from the exhibitors gathered at the buffet party excitingly for a LT (Lightening Talks) in a large exhibition hall at the hotel. One main purpose of this event was for people to exchange ideas from different IT communities in the field , to share each of their specialities and know-hows, seeking the possibilities from the impossible or hopefully bring more hints to the future development.

Many attendants of this event were from faraway places like Sapporo, Ebetsu of Hokkaido. I was able to feel a new centripetal force at the land of Hakkodate throughout this exhibitions. My impression was that many came to “The 2nd IT Exhibition of Hakodate, 2012” were mostly curious about the purpose of this event.

I would like to give my gratitude to all the event sponsors for giving us such great support of this fair. Starting from the host sponsor of IKA Staffs, the City of Hakodate, Hokucho, and Nanae Cho, the venue WAKO Building, including all the people from the TV stations, radio station, and journalists who helped with broadcasting and promoting this event prior to the fair, and those who contributed, attended and made a long journey to participate the exhibitions.

Looking over, I felt tired but satisfactory in result from efforts of striving the setup and operation. It was a fruitful two days in Hakodate which no one could possibly accomplish single-handed without face to face connecting and cooperating with the communities.

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