Long after the weekend of smoldering atmosphere, we are finally blessed with fine weather and pleasant temperatures in the southern state. When you see a strong man wearing a short sleeve on the bike gliding around the city, you may rest assured that summer is coming to Hokkaido.

I was in such mood of going to a picnic and had to postpone my work at the lab. The reason for that was because I was invited earlier by the Public Hokodate Mirai University as a guest speaker for their students. The school campus was located right in the center of mountainside where you can spot it from the northern street of Hakodate. Not that I was really going to camp out on the lawn with my lunch box and such…the lesson that I was about to present was mainly for a group of juniors who had taken lessons for project learning previously, and for helping them understand the importance of software development process, i.e., an in-depth session of Agile Process. I was guided and stunned by the sight as I walked into a large lecture room. The seats were fully occupied with students front and back. Naturally in response to that, I held the microphone with eagerness to begin.

Due to the fact that most of the students had never been involved in the field of software development, I had to crunch all the importance and highlights into a 90 minutes lecture, pinpoint the reason why we need the development process in the first place, where is the problem occurred commonly in the development process, and how to avoid those problems. Of course, couldn’t have done it without a point of laughter here and there.

Lectures after lectures, I don’t think hardly but only expect to reach a way to successfully carry out the students’ learning project, and I welcome if there is any hint or suggestion that could help achieving such goal. I hope by learning to understand the true nature of Agile, everyone can foster an appropriate practice to his or her own.

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