It seems that winter had finally retreated from the mountains beyond and left the town streets completely without a trace. Young leaves began to sprout gradually from the dry weeds. The breath of spring can be smelled finally in Hakodate.

April is the month when varieties of things begin. It is also the time for members of PBL Hakodate National College of Technology to start off with new projects. Due to clients’ increasing demand in information technology, my overlapped business schedules is so hectic which has become the result of the low attendance rate of meeting with my fellow members. I am a bit concerning now and let’s hope it has not yet become a bottleneck situation.

One project that I am about to finish with is for content using the (augmented reality) AR to enhance the attractiveness of historical heritage for the tourists in Hakodate. Another practical project in progress is a real-time remote sensing system. It is a software to inform the locals the vermin that took in the traps planted in vast wilderness of the mountains of Hokkaido. Both projects are very unique and experimental. I can hardly wait to unveil the finished products.

Speaking of deer, in which we call vermin here in Hokkaido, venison (deer meat) is the food has received much attention in recent years. Venison are being utilized to the menu here across Hokkaido with various of local flavours. Although I look forward to the day eating the deer meat with this trap detector system, let’s just say, till now this talk remains as “counting the deer skins before the deer were hunted”.

Until the “knife and fork” can be used in a practical level, let’s put them aside for a while.

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