Holiday season is near and here is another tip for the last minute game which you can download for free if you have an iPhone.  Ever played the English spelling game when you were little?  My favorite was the “hangman”.  There is a free version of “ The Hangman RSS “,  developed by Finger Arts.     The rule is to guess a word from the given space bars, simply place any alphabet on the space.  If you guessed the word wrong, a part of the hangman drawing (started with head) will be shown on the app. The little man will not be “executed” if you guess the word correctly.   Sounds too simple?  Not this one.  This is a hangman which you play with real-time news flash (RSS).  With the game center setting, you can also play this game with real player on the net.  If you don’t read the news, well, it will be hard to play.


The fun part is, you can select the news origins from the menu (I am sorry, there is no Japanese news).  The game gives you some clues on the bottom of the screen where you can somewhat guess the meaning of the words.  I have tried many times and end up with a little man gets hung in result.  Even the “Easy Level” was moderately hard since I am not familiar with the contents of the American news. (Hello, I am living here inJapan).


This app would be great to play with friends and family at the party if you can connect it with TV Screen.  I can imagine how many people in my family are going to crash the TV screen when their hangman is completed in 5 seconds. Ho ho ho!

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