Christmas is near, you are busy and out of ideas for the game on Christmas Eve.  Here is a last minute surprise you can get for your kids if they are Japanese Animation fan:  Soreike! Anpanman, developed by Forecast Communications Inc.


Anyone who is little kid in Japan knows this famous animated character called Anpanman (a Super hero made by the red beans paste bread. Please, don’t ask me why).  There is a free app available which you can take a glance of Anpanman’s world, coloring, and book mark your events or friend’s birthday with the character of Dokukin Chan and Anapanman.  Inside the Anpanman’s world, it takes you to Yanasetakashi’s blog,(the creator of Anpanman), the story books introduction, movies, histories, and list of characters in the animation.


One of the 2 free features, coloring, can be stored in the album and sent to mails, or post on Twitter and Facebook. I thought this is cool because you can send the projects for your kids as a show-and-tell to their grand parents, or friends.  It will be an annoyingly habit because many proud parents love to show off their kids’ drawings to people.


Another free feature of this app also allows you to book mark your calendar with  selective Anpanman character.  It includes a function for countdown from the date of the event. Yeah, write Mommy’s and Daddy’s anniversary down so that neither of them will have any lame excuse of forgetting it.  Your kid knows it, too, because Anpanman said so.


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