Earlier this week on Oct., 17th, 2011, CouchDB was introduced at the event of JJUG CCC 2011 Fall,Tokyo.

The title of the session was called “CouchDB: The Alternative for NoSQL, Document Oriented Database” by CouchDB JP. SlideShare

It may seems that major key-value type of database like Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB somewhat overshadowed the newcomer CouchDB, the situation has shifted after the announcement of CouchOne and Membase joined venture in February, 2011. The merging service of CouchDB and Membase Server has made Couchbase the increasingly popular Open Source Key-Value Store. It is because with the unity of the services, Couchbase provides the developer the one-stop service via well-known Memcached protocol. It can connect the memory caching and persistence layers transparently.

Couchbase is currently promoting its services world wide through the events of CouchConf WorldTour. As a matter of fact, Couch Conference Tokyo is coming soon on January 27th, 2012.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Couchbase and NTT Docomo has recently been announced, Couchbase is now nevertheless exclusive, the one and only NoSQL database recognized by the enterprise.

We are keeping an eye on the development of CouchDB from now on.

Our company is working on developing Couchbase related services. Please feel free to contact atWare,Inc. for further inquires.

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