GPS(Global Positioning System) in mobile, makes many people happier because no longer have lame excuse of not finding the place for a date. But, many of you have probably encountered the problems like I did before: GPS telling you that your friend’s house is right on top of a highway and there is no way you are following the direction to get there.

The hypothesis of how GPS works is based on the data at ground received from the Satellite that is roving in space. The receivers on the ground synchronize themselves to the clocks of GPS satellites. Therefore, my understanding is every GPS receiver is like an extremely small accuracy clock.

Theoretically, the more precise of the time, the more correct of the GPS data you can get. Depending on the device you use, some instruments for fishing are utilizing DGPS technology (Differential GPS) which involve the cooperation of 2 receivers that are fairly close to each other (within 100 kilometers). This is widely used in Japan and there are about 27 stations around the coastal areas of the island. It functions like synchronize watches or tuning the same channel. However, technology like this can not be used on smart phones because it will take up too much batteries to contacts all satellites to fix the errors, encodes information, etc. Hey! I still want to use my smart phone to make phone calls in case I was lost in the middle of no where.

Another type of GPS device is using the WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System), known as dramatically improves the accuracy of GPS pinpointing. It claims to improve the positioning accuracy to within less than 3 meters. It sounded pretty nice but still many factors like building, noises, hills, rock formations, trees, can degrade the functions of this technology…I don’t think this is a good one to use for mobile either.

Well, personally, I can care less about accuracy because I am the person who is wearing watch like this

So what kind of situation would we want the exact location from the GPS? Let’s say I am taking my kids to a zoo for the first time and I want to know exactly where that popular polar bear’s swimming show is at, I will be mad if GPS led me to a whole bunch of monkeys and made me missed the show.

So how do we do that? Is there any application that we can make in order to eliminate the bias or errors of time and spaces? If timing is everything to do with GPS, exact time/position and then correct the differences manually is probably the only way we can do to make everyone a happy camper. One of our genius engineer thought of using NFC and AR to make that happen. I thought it is a great idea. Please, for extra money I will pay for this app if it can also include the data on how to be the first one to get there. I do want the best spot for my family.

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