So  next on the video were questions on why do we want to use NFC?  Good question, I want to know, too.  Here are those reasons:

  1. NFC can bridge the physical and virtual worlds.  That is, you bring 2 devices together and trigger a virtual reaction.  For example, if I want to  get the list of spam mails addresses I saw on my husband’s phone, all I have to do is to put his phone next to mine, back to back.  Bara Bing! His spam mail addresses  transferred to my phone instantly.  Yeah, the details on the spam mail will be “shared” . Important invention for nosy wife like me.   Oh, but wait! if I can read his, he could know which phone was trying to “steal” his data from.     Bad idea.

Tag can be embedded in stickers, sticky note.  My question is, is this sticker “sticky” enough to stay where I want it to be?  What if I lost it? Google, you’d better explain it next time when I ask you.

  1. Touch to Read  –  Yeah, that is very convenient.  Just touch and information is out.
  1. Like QR Codes… but faster. I agree.

The session repeated over and over on how easy it is to beep here and there  on NFC stickers with an NFC device… then the key word came out:  The best thing was, not only the tags were cheap to make, it was also reprogrammable…Anytime, anywhere.   Google had it all figured out and made it possible with Gingerbread API, developer could make user experience more interesting by using this API.

Now comes the part that, what a developer should focus on when using this API for NFC?   Wooo, this sound very important… so I perk up and focus on those notes on the projector:

●                        0-click:  A New peer-to-peer interaction model

●                        0-click contact sharing.

●                        0-click web page sharing

●                        0-click YouTube video sharing

What the…I thought there were something really difficult and turned out the points were all common sense!  I mean, c’mmon, with all that demo before don’t we know what  click click click is?  There wasn’t any clicking on the demo and if these people in the auditorium didn’t see that they must be all idiots.  Of course that means 0-click.

So far my understanding of this NFC was invented for inpatient and lazy people like me.    Those who wanted to get things instantly without fuss, who preferred to beep instead of writing things down or called someone in a short time.  Who likes to be nosy about what type of game you were playing or web page your were viewing and wanted to download it as well…All these could be beeped instantly with that device without clicking  or zooming any thing.

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